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    My job is to help you avoid the pitfalls of Hollywood that hold you back from starting or advancing your acting career to the next level, booking bigger roles and better parts. I will help you find ways to promote and market yourself for casting directors and agents/managers.
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  • Toni Perrotta
  • Luis Alberto Aracena
  • Merrill Brenner
  • Paul Lauden

Toni Perrotta

"I took Jake's commercial class and business about the business class. Both classes were fabulous! I learned so much. This is information I'll have forever. He is a great teacher, and communicator.  I give both classes 2 thumbs up!"

Luis Alberto Aracena

"Jake is my go to acting coach for commercials, TV, Soaps, and Hosting. He breaks everything down for me quickly so I understand what I need to book the job. He always helps me find something unique about my performance that keeps me working!"

Merrill Brenner

"I found your class life changing. Your level of attention to each member of the class was extraordinary. Your innovative techniques for dealing with cold reading, casting director expectations, slating's and character development were brilliant. As a result, my self confidence soared. What ever class you teach next, sign me up! Thank you Jake!"

Paul Lauden

"Jake has been instrumental in my career. His coaching and 20 years in the entertainment industry have guided me in such a positive direction. With his insight, I've signed with a top commercial agent, manager, joined a prestigious theater company and signed on as a writer/performer for a new talk show. I'm very thankful and appreciative to be working with with Jake."

What's My Approach?

Coaching for me is finding the essence of the character thru the written dialogue, physical actions & tone of voice. Making simple, specific choices that make sense yet are unique, is the secret to creating memorable characters that still seem true to life. Asking yourself : who, what, where, when & why is the first step. From there finding interesting choices in the delivery is what books you the job!

More Information

Ken Jeong

Jake Has coached Ken Jeong for Hangover 2 and 3, Pain & Gain, Despicable Me 2, NBC's Community and various other TV Commercials and projects.